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inurbubble's Journal

Julien Rousseau
12 October 1989
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Name: Julien Rousseau
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Biomechanical researcher/Clinician.

Personality & Quirks: Julien is ... weird. Sorry, there's not a whole lot of other words for it. He views people -- particularly the pilots and qualifiers -- as potential 'perfect parts' of machines. He doesn't know where to draw the line between science and depravity anymore -- but that's just it, he's brilliant that way. Particularly eccentric, he has a fondness for pocketwatches and Japanese cigarettes.

He also doesn't know what personal space is. He's going to invade your bubble. He's going to invade your bubble a lot.

Physical Description: ... he looks like Lloyd? Blueish-silver hair, glasses, shit-eating smile, lab coat. He's Gin with glasses and better hair.
Magical/Physical Abilities: The ability to freak you the -fuck- out.
Hobbies: Collecting pocketwatches, ignoring the definition of personal space.

History: At an early age, Julien Rousseau showed the potential to be something a little more than odd, but far more than brilliant. He graduated early from secondary school and came out of university at 21 with an internship at one of France's most prestigious medical facilities. By the time his medical training was through and he turned 25, he was one of the most highly-reputed minds in the albiet small circle of biomechanical research.

With the looming terrorist threat over Japan, Julien saw his chance. He proposed a weapon that could combine the best of what the world had to offer, a weapon that, in large enough number, could concievably do far more than end this threat on their country.

The defense committee jumped on it without a second thought.

Since then, Julien Rousseau has been in Japan, developing and building the country's ultimate weapon ... they're just missing a few key parts ...